Garage door installation process

What you need to know before starting off

Garage doors are used in a variety of places such as car garages or even shopping stores. The reason they are used is because they are convenient to open and close and usually take up less space.
When you decide to do the installation yourself, you need to have the installation manual in place. In addition, it is necessary to have carpentry, measuring and comprehension skills. It takes professionals the installation job takes around 5 hours, 8 hours for handymen and 12 hours for beginners.
Steel and wood are the main materials used in making garage doors. Wood is common among any garages. However, due to its flexible, elegant and flexible design, it is more expensive than steel.
Installing your own garage door
Installing a garage door on your own is far from possible as some may say but that is not necessarily the case as some may say. All you need to do is follow the following simple steps. Read them over and over until you feel like you can install the door with your eyes closed. However, note that you may need help from another person especially in lifting door section.

  • The first step is to securing a weather-stripping of choice to the bottom of the doors first panel.
    Next, you need to hold the door in place. Therefore, nail the jambs to both the sides of the doorway.
    Now, you need to fix hinges. Hinges should be on the top edges of the door. Make sure that they are secure after fixing them in place.
  • Assemble the vertical, horizontal and curved parts of the tracks. The guide from your manufacturer usually has this information make it the reference.
  • Lift the second section of the door in order to install the rollers. The rollers should be slipped into the vertical tracks that you assembled. This is the part where you need a hand.
  • Attach hinges tightly between the first, second and third sections. Ensure that the top plates of the vertical tracks are secured to the wall and that lag screws are secure as well.
    Fasten each track to the framing members after attaching jamb jackets carefully.
  • Bolt the curve and horizontal tracks using a ladder.
  • Trim the rear track hanger so as to adjust it to a good length. Secure the track hanger to a ceiling.
    Now slip the last door section into place and remove all temporary nails from all the places you had attached them to.
  • Lastly, double check the alignment and level of all the tracks and roll the door up a few feet high to confirm that all the sections are properly aligned. If everything is okay then you have successfully installed your first garage door.


There are other things to consider when installing the garage doors such as spring systems such as the extension and torsion springs. Have some knowledge of how to fix them and if you feel that they are too much to handle, call a professional. Finally, you have a garage door ready to roll to work all you have to do is give it the appropriate care and maintenance.